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Solidarity Plate

We are currently working with the Massachusetts R.M.V. to produce Collective Bargaining Solidarity license plates. This is a great way to show your support for organized labor in Massachusetts, while promoting its importance. Someone once told us that “strength in numbers only works when those who are counted show they are willing to act.” This is why the proceeds from this project will be used to assist local unions in Massachusetts with organizing ( to bring us more work opportunities), and educating all workers on how they can take an active role to preserve collective bargaining. You can print an application HERE


Commonly Asked Questions About The Solidarity Plate

Has the plate been approved? Yes, the plate design was approved by the MA R.M.V and has been endorsed by the MA AFL-CIO

Can I get the plate if I have a leased vehicle? Yes, you will have notify the lease company upon receive you plate from RMV.

Can I get a plate for a motorcycle or commercial vehicle? No, the plates can only be used on passenger vehicle registrations.

How do I pay? Mail in the application (found on this site) with a $40 check made out to Ma D.O.T to the address listed on the application.

Can I pick my number? No, and its not a vanity plate so words cannot be assigned. We will log them in the order received

When will I receive my new plate? the RMV will notify all applicants once we deliver 1500 applications to them

Who can apply for a plate? Anyone who has a registered vehicle in MA. So far we have had labor leaders, rank and file members, and individuals who support our right to collectively bargain

How many applications do you have so far? At this point in time we have received 249 applications. As applications come in we will update this number weekly.

Who has applied?

This is a list of organizations who have sent in applications or have had members send in applications so far

Massachusetts AFL-CIO

Massachusetts Building and Construction Trades Council

Southeastern Massachusetts Labor Council

Greater Boston Labor Council Futures

Boston Teachers Union

Sheet Metal Workers Local 17

District Council 35

Carmens Union Local 589

Ironworkers Local 7

Bricklayers Local 3

Laborers Local 223

Laborers Local 22

Carpenters Local 40

Mass Nurses Association

Teamsters Local 25

SEIU 509

IBEW 103

Insulators Local 6

IATSE local 11

IAFF local 144

UFCW 328

Pipefitters Local 537

Plumbers and Pipefitters local 4

Laborers Local 1421

United Postal Workers


UWUA 369

Boston Newspaper Printing Pressmen’s Local 3N

IBEW Local 2222

IAM Local 264


If you have a question that is not answered here you can contact Thomas Hynes at thynes@prolaboralliance.org or by phone at (339)-788-7555


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